#021 – As Jobs Disappear, an “Awakening of Self-Employed Entrepreneurs”

by Jay Carter on January 27, 2011

Ken McElroy

Author and real estate investor Ken McElroy talks about his new book, The Sleeping Giant:  An Awakening of the Self-Employed Entrepreneur

A burgeoning number of unemployed Americans are awakening to their own great possibilities and talents, and not only discovering niche markets for themselves, but in the process, creating new jobs for others.

“This awakening is long overdue and is happening out of necessity,” McElroy says. “It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. You can thrive while others cling to an old and dying system.”

“The world is entering into a very exciting time.”

100% of the profits from Ken’s book benefit the charitable projects of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.  Ken also actively supports the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Also in this episode, host Jay Carter also describes how losing his own job as a local TV news anchor/reporter ten years ago was truly a blessing in disguise.

Plus, Jay takes the opportunity to talk with Ken about his latest apartment complex ventures, which ties in nicely with Jay’s big business goal for 2011:  To purchase a 100+ unit apartment complex.

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