#010 – Gonzalo Lira says the European Financial Panic is Going to Get Ugly

by Jay Carter on November 18, 2010

Gonzalo Lira returns to the show to preview tonight’s live online event, Hyperinflation in America – Lessons from a Currency CollapseFinancial Survival Podcast host Jay Carter is looking forward to serving as moderator this evening.  The web seminar gets started at 9:30pm Eastern.  Join us by registering here.

Gonzalo also catches us up on all the latest developments from the European Union’s financial turmoil.  EU leaders say Ireland is now the latest of the PIIGS nations to require a bailout, whether they want one or not.  You can read Gonzalo’s excellent recent articles on the current EU fiscal fiasco here and here

Is the EU headed for a break-up?  Will the Euro currency go down in flames?  And how is it any different from the growing list of US states that are becoming insolvent?

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